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(Child health care center of children under the age of 5)
Children are dying before the age of 5
In the year 2012, 6.6 million children around the world under the age of 5 died. After the analysis of their deaths, it was discovered that 17% had pneumonia, 7% had diarrhea, and 7% had Malaria. Diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhea and Malaria can be affectively treated and prevented, but every year 2.17million children are losing their lives.
2.17 million lives we can save
45% of the reason for children under the age of 5 getting diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhea is related to malnutrition. So we can affectively lower the death rate just by providing nutrition and vaccination that is sanitary and sufficient. Also chemically treated mosquito nets can lower the death rate by 20%.
What the UHIC does for the reduction of child death
To lower the death rate of children under 5 and infants
The U-CENTER (former ECHC, CNSC) is a child health care and nutrition support service project that started in 2009 for the disease prevention and treatment effort for children under the age of 5. At the moment, there are one center each in Pongwe, Mikanjuni, Mafuriko in Tanga region, Tanzania. U-CENTER is trying its best to save more children's lives.
Health care and treatment for children under the age of 5
U-CENTER is treating and giving medicines to children who are visiting the center because of pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria and other skin diseases. We are reducing the danger of death by taking such actions.
* Took care of 30,939 children yearly
Taking care of underweight children
We check the weight of the child, and distribute milk powders for 3 weeks for the underweight children. Monitoring and continuous checking helps the children recover to a normal weight.
* Took care of 968 children yearly
Distributes anthelmintic
We Distribute anthelmintic every 3 months around the villages that has health centers and schools.
* Distributed to 3,176 people yearly
Health hygiene education
We provide health hygiene education for the mother and child who visit U-CENTER.
* Educated 20,223 mothers and children yearly (Finished work: Health hygiene education for villagers living in remote areas -> Have been doing it since 2013 by the Keeper project. Art education class for elementary school students)
Environmental improvement
We distribute and monitors the chemically treated mosquito net for the prevention of Malaria. We also constructed medical waste incineration plants along with bathrooms that do not overflow during rainy season.
* Distributed 1,877 chemically treated mosquito nets yearly, together with 3 incineration plants and 19 bathrooms