This is the Moment
Domestic 1:1 children sponsorship program
We are connecting trustworthy donors with children who have difficulties in their families, children in dangerous situations due to the lack of guardians, and disabled children who do not have a family. Through regular letter exchanges, we support the growth and positive change of our children.
Supporting living expenses and daily necessities
Children living in facilities always need more living expenses. The children living in local children centers also need books, reference books and allowances for other leisure activities. We supply them with daily necessities and living expenses through regular/frequent donations.
Volunteer support
Disabled children need 24 hour protection and observation but we do not have enough staff. There are children waiting for 'study room' teachers since they can’t go to academies. Through a volunteer support system we are gathering volunteers to work at these facilities.
Supporting cultural activities
We are having cultural activities during the vacation season. It is held once or twice a year for the children living in poor areas. We research the demand, and with the help of the guardians, we allow them to have cultural activities and sports activities they were not able to enjoy before.