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Protecting Albino children
Protecting albino children from sun rays and superstition.
Albinos are not a amulet, they are children we have to protect
I'm scared of sunlight and the people
One out of every 20,000 people is albino and one of the places with highest albino rates is Tanzania. Most of them get skin damages from the sunlight before they turn 10 years old. When they are 20~30 years old, more than half of them get skin cancer. The possibility of an albino reaching the age of 40 is less than 2%.
What would it be like to be albino, not being able to live until 40?
They have to cover their bodies with long sleeves and hats even in the scorching heat. Because their eyes can’t develop well due to achromatosis, they have to read things very closely. There are human flesh hunters who hunt albinos down. Along with these hungers, the deeply rooted social prejudices that consider albinos as ghosts or mentally ill makes it even harder for them to survive.
The UHIC’s activities to help the albinos in Africa
1. Providing sunblocks
- Ultraviolet can bring serious damages to the albinos. For them, sunblocks are like air. The UHIC is providing these children sunblocks, hats and sunglasses.

2. Raising awareness among local people
- Among the scary superstitions and prejudices, we need to let people know that albinos are people who need to be protected. The UHIC is conducting an awareness program among the local people.
Protecting & supporting domestic children program
There are children who are in need of our love just where we can reach them