This is the Moment
The yesterday and today of UHIC
1. We regained the center of UHIC. The new vision: The unchangeable truth is the life
UHIC thought about best missions for our children. We thought about what they would need the most, rather than deciding it based on our point of view. We also thought about ways to collect everyone's opinion into one, and what we would agree on to select as our priority. The mission we came up with is "Let's put children's lives at first".
2. We withdrew overseas program that’s one-time only. We’ve started a program that could help children forever
The UHIC is developing and installing an organized system where we put children's lives as our best interest. The trigger was the trial and error stage that we've gone through during the 2009 Philippines Bataan health center transfer process. Through that experience, the UHIC has been searching plans and programs to increase the sustainability of the project establishments. Based on this experience, UHIC has been conducting a more developed work-out plan in Africa since 2011. The UHIC goes to remote areas in order to save children's lives. The UHIC helped 20,000 children yearly in the Tanzania child health care center. But we've found out that there are too many children suffering through diseases that could be easily prevented. So UHIC educated villagers for a year and designated them as KEEPERs. Then they were sent back to certain regions in order to take care of the sanitation issues for children living in that area. This is the KEEPER project.
3. UHIC has overcome the tied-sponsorship problem. Giving maximum help with minimum cost
UHIC has changed to find the most effective way for tied-sponsorship. The existing one-on-one tied sponsorship had the drawback that it could not maximize the effect of saving children's lives compared to the cost, time, and effort spent required. It was because it was a system that much non-operational expenses such as the money to visit and deliver news from house to house sent from the natives.

In 2011, UHIC went through an outright revision in the tied-sponsorship area. We shifted from one-on-one sponsorship to a more effective way, where the UHIC select children who are most in need of help every month. We receive the list of the children who are in need from the child health center that is operating in the areas. From there, we work our best to help those lives. There were concerns and oppositions, but now we save 10 times more lives than before, and your donations are being more effectively distributed as a result.
4. Changing the paradigm of volunteer work, for the happiness of the children!
At this moment, with the priceless effort and time of volunteers, we are constantly thinking about ways to help children in various ways. From the year 2010, the UHIC has been sending volunteers who can work in the area at least for one year. Through this plan, the volunteers were able to bond with the people living there and practice their aid even better.
5. Donating culture efforts that everyone will change
The UHIC did not neglect the attempts in collecting more people's warm hearts for more donations. We've opened 'Uhican(Wholesome) Place', where more people can join and have food and beverages. In return of enjoying that place, a ground for donating to help children in need has been made. Now the 'Uhican cafe' is loved as 'Kind café'