This is the Moment
A Sponsored restaurant, Uhican Cafe
We create wholesome food, a wholesome culture, and a wholesome spirit
About the Uhican cafe
The Uhican Cafe is an open space created by the UHIC to raise funds, and all the proceeds go to practices in saving children. Many people are practicing the giving spirit so naturally just by one meal or a cup of coffee through the Uhican Cafe. Also, by being used as a daily café(Uhican day) for various groups and corporations, it has become a new type of symbol of the donation culture.
The Uhican Cafe, Yeoksam CAFÉ&RESTAURANT
The Uhican Cafe, Yeoksam is a great space to share dreams and thought because it has a wide and quiet study room and many books and comic books. You can enjoy tea and coffee as well and curry, pasta, and sandwiches which does not contain any synthetic seasoning. We are practicing the giving spirit with youngsters visiting Gangnam station.
Available time: 11;00~22:00
Address: Gangnam, Seoul, Gangnam-daero 102 Gil 43 (Yeoksam-dong 616-11) Inquiries: +82 70 8256 0744
The Uhican Cafe Samsung Branch MARKET&RESTAURANT
The Uhican Cafe Samsung branch is the second location with more menus and a larger space to practice giving with more of you. There is also a market that sells various daily supplies and food items that adds to the joy In the Uhican Cafe you can experience the best service and fresh meals that have both the taste and health.
Available time: 11:00~23:00
Address: Seoul Gangnam Seolleung-ro 112 gil 85 (Samsung-dong 48-12)
Inquiries: +82 2 549 0744